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Healthy Options

>> Friday, March 14, 2008

Right before we left for Ireland I got some very good news- our HSA application had been approved. This was welcomed news as we had just received a rate increase on our health insurance and it was getting to the point where I questioned the value of it.

Now I know that while we may be healthy now it is no guarantee of future health, which is why the HSA seemed like our perfect solution. Smaller premiums, money in an account to cover medical bills and a deductible that we were comfortable with.

I, personally, think it is the best option for people who have to purchase their own health insurance. If you're looking for affordable health insurance I recommend comparing your options and at least looking in to an HSA.


The Fritz Facts 9:45 PM  

HSA's are a great option for families just like yours! I work for a major insurance company in MN, and people can't get enough of them. While for a family that is not as healthy, or has long term illness it isn't as ideal, for young families, singles or someone who just wants the policy in case something happens it is great. The tax benefits alone make it worth it in some states.
We have it as an option for our benefits, and the people I know that have the HSA plan love it. Yes, when one person had a child get injured, it was expensive, but it also makes you look at how often people go to the dr in a year, and how often you could call a nurse line to get the answer you needed. It blows my mind.
There I go...on a tangent...

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