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How to Cuddle Your Loved One

>> Monday, March 31, 2008

One of my friends is in a long distance relationship. Well, they’re married but he’s deployed right now. Iowa to Iraq is a long way. They have a daughter who is under two and she got pregnant when he was home over Christmas. It’s tough on both of them but they have faith in God and family to help them through it.

Recently she was asking if anyone knew a special Father’s Day to send to her hubby overseas. I recommended a Custom Pillow so he could “hug his girls” every night. She thought it was a great idea and got one made almost immediately.

She said that photobed.com was really easy to use and that she was able to add text to the pillow. And that she also had a photo blanket added to the order with a photo of their dog on it. (I guess the dog cuddled with them at night).

She’s a good Christian girl or I would have mentioned that she could use a more “racy” photo of hubby to make a photo shower curtain.


That Girl 6:02 PM  

*L* I might have to do that...*L*
no seriously, what a great idea you had. I'm sure he'll love it!

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