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>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

I only have a few entries in my Scrap Bribing this month.

And I, personally, think it's a pretty good one.

Go check it out- and don't forget the linky love!


On our return from my grnadmother's yesterday I was struck by a terrible migraine. So I "got" to stay home today while Doug took over my duties at church and took the girls to his aunt's house for Easter festivities.

Home... Alone... Oh the things I could have done if I didn't feel like absolute crap. So I laid in bed and slept much of the day away. I did get around to watching Saving Sarah Cain. I laughed... I cried (ok, I sobbed)... And though it was entirely predictable I loved the message. It was, in my opinion, more a "chick flick" than a family movie, unless you have a teenaged daughter. I can see lots of discussion happening if you watch this with your daughter.


Lots of fun pictures and video from Easter that I plan to share tomorrow. Hopefully! Now I'm off to make the grocery list...


Birdie 8:59 AM  

I'm sorry you felt so bad! Glad you got to rest too. I was going to ask , off the subject, if you mind me adding you to my "People to See"??

p.s. you have a typo...just "friend to friend" *s*

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