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Sure, IRS, Spend More Money

>> Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey- did anyone else get this Economic Stimulus Payment Notice?

I have to admit that when I saw this in my mail I was very confused because- to my understanding- we will not get any of this "stimulus package".

And then I read it. And realized that this letter is not meant so much to let people know about the money they may (or may not) be getting because I'm pretty sure everyone knows about it. What this letter is meant to do is to bring in more taxes. Because:

"To receive a payment is 2008, individuals who qualify will not have to do anything more than file a 2007 tax return"

Because, you see, all the money being sent out for this "stimulus" is coming from the taxes being paid in. It is no coincidence that payments begin in May- after tax day, April 15.

And is anyone else annoyed that they spent yet more tax dollars mailing a letter to everyone in the frickin' country about something even those living under a bridge knew about? (I'm pretty sure they read more newspapers than I do)


*carrie* 2:28 PM  


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