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Minnesota is Out, But...

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

Well, Doug never heard back from Hennepin County about the job he was contacted about. It seems they thought he wanted too much money. Now, it was a government job so I'm not sure why they were worried about money... They can always print more to pay him.

I jest.

Kind of.

So, Minnesota is out. But when we got home Doug was going through his voice mail and had a message from a woman in the San Antonio division of a company he has worked with in the past.

I have said many times that you couldn't pay me to live in Dallas, but San Antonio I could probably do for a while. And since it would be a contract gig we wouldn't be there forever...

Yeah, I could probably do that...


Sally 2:26 PM  

I love San Antonio! We lived there for a while in high school, and it's a great city.

Fantastagirl 8:42 PM  

and to not have Iowa winters... that would be a bonus.

Jen H 6:08 PM  

Learn a second language...

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