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We're In Killarney

>> Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well, I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Killarney loading one photo at a time into Blogger because five seem to be too much for it ta handle right now.

We drove into Killarney yesterday afternoon. Luckily I didn't really have much planned outdoors along the way because we had an afternoon of this:

Yep, that's snow. It hasn't snowed here in over 15 years...

I had really wanted to visit Ardmore, mostly because I absolutely love Nora Roberts' Irish Trilogy . Not in the snow, thankyouverymuch. We made a quick stop in Cork to visit the English Market and grab some lunch. There is a bistro upstairs that is wonderful- as it should be with all the fresh food available just down stairs.

Today dawned much nicer and after a bit of shopping in Killarney (because I had to get my family's Aran sweater) we took a jaunting cart ride.

The ride took us through parts of Killareny National Park and to Ross Castle. Brenna was very happy- she was asking when we could see another castle.

After naps and dinner (I found a place that served fish & chips and pizza) we did a bit of driving and I took the family to see Torc Waterfall.

There's a bit of a walk up to it so I hid pennies on the way up and Brenna & Caelan found them on the way down. I told them that the faeries left them...


Marie 3:25 PM  


Thanks again for the book, Jody. It arrived today. Just in time for an ice storm... now we'll have some fun reading while we're stuck inside!!

Melody 3:50 PM  

It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Did you think you were going to get away from the snow?

Patty 8:10 PM  


mama2dibs 10:28 PM  

You can't get away from the snow, can you?

*carrie* 3:36 PM  


I'm so glad you were able to check in. I prayed for you Friday, knowing we were traveling at the same time. Have fun!!

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