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Are Yours Gritty or Smooth?

>> Monday, March 17, 2008

Call them what you will: knock-offs, counterfeits, fakes… They all mean the same thing- it’s not a genuine article. And, all in all, I’m ok with that. Forgeries never cost as much as the real deal- at least they shouldn’t. And, with many items, it’s quite easy to tell it’s a fake.

Unless you have an unscrupulous dealer; then you can get taken for a lot of money. This seems to happen most with jewelry because it’s difficult to tell if a stone is real or manufactured unless you have a loupe. (Gee, I used to carry one around until I had the girls…)

The one precious jewel that is easy to distinguish are Pearls. Did you know that you can do a “tooth test”? A real pearl feels gritty while a fake will be smooth. I suppose it makes sense given how a real pearl is created… (Info obtained from www.thepearloutlet.com)

Now be honest… How many of you with pearls are going to check them right now? And how many would do this tooth test in a store? And how many would be asked to leave the store and never return…

Just curious…


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