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A Link For My Budget Conscience Friends

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

Well, we are back from vacation (definitely not a money saver! But something we plan for…) and are getting ready to begin paying down our debts.

I tend to read a lot on the subjects of becoming debt free and thrifty living . Books, blogs, websites… I take in as much info as I can get, piece it together and make it work for me.

During my search for knowledge I came across a website I thought many of my budget-minded friends might be interested in visiting: living-on-less.com. There is some really good advice on here; some new, some I’ve heard before. There is great perspective about prepaying your mortgage. I agree that the mortgage should rank low in the scale of becoming debt free.

The list of topics is growing so I have added this site to my favorites. Like I said- always in the mood to learn how to keep more of our money.


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