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Meet Your Match

>> Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doug is one of those Renaissance Men. You know, the guy that is hired for one job but you discover just what he is capable of and he takes on more and more responsibility until his supervisors begin asking him questions about what needs to be done next and what is the best way to go about it.

Which is all great and makes for a terrific résumé but makes it really difficult to describe his qualifications on all those job websites out there. (Yes, he’s on those… You never know when a great opportunity will present itself.)

Today I saw an ad for a Job listing site called Real Match. Real Match was co-founded by Alan Schonberg, the founder of Management Recruiters International, a guy who knows about finding the right employee.

Real Match allows you to detail your skills into their profile builder. It then uses matching technology instead of keyword technology to find the best opportunities for you- or to allow the best opportunities to find you.

I showed it to Doug and he plans to sit down and get his info added this weekend. It’s free… You have nothing to lose, except maybe the perfect job.


The Fritz Facts 9:32 AM  

That is a great resource, may need to take advantage of it.

I work for Management Recruiters for a short time (temp) and they are a great company that knows what they are doing.

Richard Jennings 10:21 AM  

Realmatch was actually co-founded by the founder of MRI, Alan Shoenberg.

Jody 10:24 AM  

Richard- I'm pretty sure tha't what I said...

"Real Match was co-founded by Alan Schonberg, the founder of Management Recruiters International"

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