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Hello from Ireland!

>> Sunday, March 02, 2008

After a very long flight with very little sleep we arrived in Dublin- about an hour early. And had to sit on the runway until a spot opened up for us.

Retrieving the car wasn't much easier as Doug went to get it to pick us up at the front of the airport only to find that the road he needed was closed to private vehicles.

We had to upgrade the minivan we reserved as a "7 passenger vehicle" (their booking terms)and a minivan are two very different things. So we ended doubling the cost of our transportation and renting a Land Rover. Definately worth the extra money to make all 5 of us and the luggage fit.

Leaving Dublin was a comedy of errors as there was much road construction and we drove in a few circles trying to get away.

We finally made it to Glendalough and toured the grounds. Unfortunately it began to mist quite heavily so we didn't walk through the mountains.

The girls were very happy to run around after so much sitting- and a nice nap in the car!
Today we toured Jerpoint Abbey, an absolutely beautiful ruin. I loved this little grotesque:

We also visited Kilkenney Castle and have done a lot of driving (and getting lost) in the countryside. Here is one of our favorite road signs:

We see a lot of these. Usually on roads so narrow that you pray you don't meet a car on one of the "curves".

Well, that's all I have time for now. I have to find a place for us to stay for the next 3 days. The B&B I booked online didn't bother to call and tell me that they weren't going to be open...


Fantastagirl 8:15 PM  

I can't wait to see more of your posts, have a safe adventure!

vw bug 5:21 AM  

Wow. Those are awesome pictures and looks like fun!

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