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Tankini to Bikini

>> Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, I just ordered my swimsuit the other day. Because of my rather generous bust line one piece suits are not an option. So I ordered three pieces. A tankini top (with underwire support), a cute belted swim skirt and a halter style top. Because I will have nice abs before the summer is over.

I’m just not sure exactly how. Right now I am using the "eat when you’re hungry and stop when your body is full" method. And making smarter choices to cut back on useless calories.

I’m also exercising every day- either walking outside or using my elliptical. I’m trying to gear myself up to do pilates or weight work in the morning before the girls are up. 6 am is just so early…

If I can’t make this work I may use a website I found where I can read tips for weight loss help and compare top healthy meal replacement systems from Medifast and Nutrisystem. I’ve never used a meal replacement system but the commercials are pretty convincing…

Until then I’ll just use their tips for healthy weight loss:
1) There is no miracle diet (except maybe a personal chef, a personal trainer and a nanny!)
2) Drink plenty of water.
3) Don’t starve yourself.
4) Sit down when you eat.
5) Exercise regularly.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More 12:56 PM  

I was just telling my hubby the other day, as we hit "send" to pay our deposit online for a week at the beach, that I'm not really looking forward to swim suit season. Because of my height, I've never found 1-piece suits that fit very well so I'm a bikini-wearer. Ugh. Maybe I'll get a skirt cover-up, too. Ugh again.

Anonymous 8:51 AM  

have you tried eating for your blood type? i know it sounds a little odd, but recently i started doing it, and it has really worked for me. i tried the diet because i had a lot of stomach pains, but since i've started, i lost a few pounds. they just sort of melted off. and i don't have any more stomach pains or acid reflux! i only mention it because the book also goes into detail on what types of foods will promote weight gain for your blood type. wheat is one of mine.

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