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Debt is a Four Letter Word

>> Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have to admit that I am terribly worried about the future of our country. With the government bailing out everyone from people who bought homes they couldn’t afford (and who couldn’t- or didn’t care to- understand the contracts) to Wall Street, all the debt they are racking up can only be paid down by one group of people- the taxpayers.

I don’t know about you, but we pay over 35% in taxes- and that’s just federal. If you figure in state and city (hello- the state is planning to raise motor vehicle fees this year and our city is planning a 24% property tax increase) we pay an insane amount of taxes. And I don’t mean to complain, but I’m not really sure I am benefiting from my tax dollars so much.

With personal responsibility being replaced by socialism I really believe that it is time for people to look at their spending and begin some sort of Debt Management program. Because once those of us who pay the taxes can’t afford to pay our mortgages, put gas in our vehicles or food in our bellies you have to believe the income the government makes off us will dry up.

It’s time to take the steps now- before you find yourself in a breadline (and, yes, I do think we will see breadlines within two years after Obama becomes president and increases social programs- along with taxes.

Cleardebt.co.uk has a Clear Debt Analyzer. It figures in Pounds but you can just plug in the numbers and pretend it’s dollars. Figure out where you are now.


<---That Girl 10:27 AM  

you get the same reaction I do when I talk about anything political or finance related on my blog...no comment *L*
I supposed people were trying to escape the reality of life when they came to my blog which is normally a light "roast"(aside for my Resurrection Sunday post). I was so bummed about it that yesterday I tried to remove my finance post, but blogger wasn't working right and kept having an error so after three tries I gave up.
If you're interested, it's still on my front page and it's called Dollars & No Sense

<---That Girl 3:09 PM  

I was just looking for the Dollars & No sense post, but apparently though it said there was an error, they deleted it anyway. Oh well *S* It was another interview from Glenn beck with some finance guy. Very eye opening. If you listen to Glenn, you already know about it! It was in one of last week's e-mails.

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