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Stuff It

>> Friday, March 21, 2008

This afternoon the girls gave me a bit of reprieve and played (somewhat quietly) in their room. I used that time to assist the Easter Bunny and stuff plastic eggs (I did not stuff myself. I did not touch any of the mini Snickers, specked bird eggs or dark chocolate M&Ms. Really.)

You see, we've had a "Super Secret Super Spy" bunny (that's what Brenna called him) checking out what's been going on and he found out that we had a super busy weekend coming up... 1.5 hours south of us on Saturday and 1.5 hours north of us on Sunday plus an early church service. So no time for fun stuff Sunday morning.

Luckily that bunny reported back to the "big bun" and we had a visitor tonight after the girls went to bed. He left goodies:

I think I see Godiva bunnies in the towel hoods. And pretty dresses (that it will be too cold to wear this weekend).

He even left a basket for Doug...

And hid eggs around the house...

Hmmm... No basket for Mommy?


vw bug 8:44 AM  

Happy Easter!

<---That Girl 9:01 AM  

awww, what fun! *S*
(I clicked on your pic @ Topmommas)

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