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Plan Ahead- It Will Be Here Before You Know It

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

Is it me or is everything just coming at us at once? St. Patrick’s Day is next Monday (I will be hosting a lively Irish gathering Sunday- consider yourself invited if you are close but be sure to RSVP) with Easter following right on it’s heels the next Sunday. Somehow April will screech by without anything to celebrate and then Mother’s Day will be upon us.

We usually plan a “girl’s day” around Mother’s Day but it’s always nice to get a little something for my mom- and we have to send something down to Doug’s mom, as well. 1800Flowers.com has some early order mothers day specials going on right now:

Mar26 - Save $10 no minimum
Mar15 - Save $15 w/min $74.99 purchase
Mar25 - Save $25 w/min $99.99 purchase

Order now for shipment later. I’m partial to sending a plant… But why not do it now so you don’t forget later?


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