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Romance For Two, Please

>> Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This October Doug and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Now I know that surprises a lot of people because we seem like an “old married couple”. We are, in fact, just old…

I want to do something special this year as it is, truly, a milestone (and probably the longest relationship we have both had!)

We used to visit B&Bs all the time when we were childless. I miss the romantic weekends and wandering around quaint towns with quirky shops and loads of history.

In my search for the perfect get away I found this asheville romantic bed and breakfast.

The Neo-Classical Georgian home has only 5 rooms so it is quiet and the photos of the house and gardens just bring the word sumptuous to mind.

Seeing is believing, so go over and check out lion-rose.com and take it all in. From the gorgeous décor to the mouth watering breakfasts this B&B looks like it was built for romance.


mama2dibs 6:27 PM  

Hey! Anything is better than the way we spent our 5th. I wanted to go to Vegas. Instead...we ended up helping one of Chris's ex co-workers fix up his waterjet machine. So romantic, in fact, that we got to share our take out Chinese with him. Not so happy about that! He best be making it up to me on the 10th.

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