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More Than I Bargained For... Or Would You Put Your 3-Year-Old in This?

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

I bought Brenna's new swimsuit a couple of days ago. As she is wearing 4T I actually moved up to the "big girls'" section and bought her an x-small- the suits are just cuter...

As I mentioned in a previous post I buy my girls surf shirt suits. We're pale people (I'm of Irish descent; Doug, English). Tanning doesn't work so well for us. Besides there is no better time to learn good skin care practices.

Here is the suit I bought her. Cute, yes? I actually wish it had little shorts instead of bikini bottoms but they aren't teeny tiny.

Unlike this piece that I didn't know was included- because it was so teeny tiny.

I freaked out just a bit when it fell out of it's hiding place in between the surf top and bottoms. Who puts a child in a top this tiny? It's a string-freakin-bikini! I can't even imagine letting my daughter appear in public in this.
And, no, I'm not a prude. I may be much more conservative than I used to be but even if I weren't I can pretty honestly say that there is no way I would put this on a small child...


Sally 8:45 AM  

Well, I'd rather see a 3 year old in it than a "blossoming" 16 year old...but I see what you mean.

And I love the surf shirt suits - I've never seen them before. I'm super pale, too, and I'm hoping that our baby gets skin like his daddy so we don't have to worry about spending 5 minutes in the sun. oh, but sunscreen will still ALWAYS be with me!

Jennifer 10:37 AM  

I agree with Sally :) about the 16 year old. lol.

I think it's super cute and I do recall wearing a similar bikini only mine was orange and brown and yellow stripes when I was about 6 or so. Because at such a young age it's cute and not trampy. :)

Anonymous 10:33 PM  

You'll probably think I'm horrible, but Emily has a swim suit top that looks very similar and it's ADORABLE on. However, it goes with bottoms that are not bikini like, they are the swim SHORTS ... and together are just darling.

Again ... like the others said ... as long as she's not 16 (or 13, in my opinion) hanging out of the thing ...

mama2dibs 11:13 PM  

My daughters may not wear something to that effect until they are not living under my roof anymore. Then, I hope they have the modesty to only wear something like that for their husbands. I guess I don't want to answer the question: Why could I last year, but not this year? Don't wanna deal with it...period!

The Fritz Facts 9:07 AM  

My daughter has a top like that, but like Iowa Mom, wears shorts not bikini bottoms. She also has a top that is a halter she can pick as well.
I also think that at 3 (6) it is different then when they are 16. My daughter also knows that while the suit is comfy and fun, there are times we do not wear it (daycare or around older boys is not ok, at the cabin or with her friends that are girls ok). We make sure she understands that a one piece, or a suit with shorts and halter is fun as well. She has 3 suits, and rotates which one is her favorite every time she gets to wear one.

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