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1-derful Savings

>> Friday, March 28, 2008

We have so much that needs to be done. With spring (supposedly) here the honey-do list just seems to be growing. Which means money. Which means that I scour online coupon codes to get the best deal.

The deck needs to be cleaned and stained which means a pressure washer is going to be necessary. I swear we had one- or two- in the past couple of years… Can’t find them anywhere…

We have land in the Ozarks that Doug is dying to get down to. Since we’ve had the girls I haven’t been able to accompany him (and he worked every day last year) so he hasn’t gone. I keep telling him that if we aren’t using it we are getting rid of it. So camping is a definite on his agenda. And that always seem to require more camping gear. You know, to make it easier… What happened to roughing it?

And me… I have plans to plant a bit of a garden. Herbs, a few veggies, some flowers around the edges to keep it pretty (gardens aren’t a big thing in my neighborhood). Oh, did I metion I don’t have any gardening supplies?

And Doug’s CPU is still groaning at me so the Newegg free shipping promo codes are looking pretty good.

And there’s more… Too much more. My budget is groaning. Yea for 1-coupons.com!


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