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Financing Your Dreams

>> Monday, February 04, 2008

I have quite a few regrets in my life. And although I do not regret where I have ended up I do regret how I got here. (Yes, I am pretty sure I would be here had my life followed a different path. In fact, I may have gotten here quicker.)

I went to a small high school in a small town and opportunities pretty much ended at advanced courses. I took everything I could and ended up graduating at semester my senior year because there was nothing left for me. (OK, I could have done more science and math. Neither of those interests me, nor am I good at them. Might have something to do with my dyslexia.)

Since I was bored in school I was quite ambivalent about continuing my education on to college. I couldn’t see myself spending four more years in school. My guidance counselor was no help- he predicted that I would spend my life as a waitress.

Since that time I have found that I love learning- as long as it interests me. I bet none of you know that I was, at one time, licensed to sell stocks. Yep, I had my Series 6 & 7 securities licenses. Loved learning it- hated doing it. I’ve also been a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. And a dreaded insurance agent.

But the point is that I enjoy learning. Who knows, if I had someone to encourage me and someplace like Direct Student Loans to help me figure out the financing I might have gone to college and held a job that I wouldn’t reflect on with regret.


mama2dibs 11:01 PM  

I agree with you. If I could do college courses for free just for the heck of it...I would! For me, it would be history and language courses. I LOVE to learn. If only it weren't so dang expensive.

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