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I Guess The RNC Missed My Memo...

>> Thursday, February 14, 2008

I got "important documents" today from the RNC (Republican National Committee). It seems they missed the announcement that I was revoking my Republican status for the Independent life.

The documents I received were letting me know that it is "critical" that I accept RNC membership because the Democrats have taken in over $100 million more than the Republicans in this pre-election cycle. Without the support of "good Republicans" like me we won't be able to defend our candidates agains the liberal media.

Well, RNC, I've got a news flash for you. People aren't supporting you because the Republican party doesn't support them.

Here's what must be done to get me back:

*Secure our borders. Don't just talk about it- do it! The bill funding the border fence has been passed. Build the fence, then we'll talk.

* Limit government. There is no reason our tax dollars should be investigating steroids in baseball. Let baseball, or any sport or private franchise, handle it's own messes. If people don't want to see doped athletes they will stop going to games. If they stop going the sport will right itself or dissapate. Also, stop with all the programs. All your "help" only causes more problems. Maybe if people knew they had to rely on themselves they would do a better job of it.

* Economic stimulus? Please? Is it only coincidence that the money will come out in May- after taxes have been paid? Why not just call it what it is- a tax rebate- and give people a write off? They're getting the money back either way.

* Also, why send checks? Those are, most likely going to pay bills which is money that has already been spent. Why not send a debit card. Or have you forgotten the frivilous way they were used after Hurricane Katrina?

* And how about stopping the practiceof sticking things in bills that don't belong there? Quit with the PORK.

* And, lastly, how about running a candidate for President that is actually a Conservative? Oh, wait, you're the Republican Party. Maybe Conservatives need to look elsewhere...

Third party, anyone?

Doug's Update: Bill Quick from DailyPundit is thinking the same way. In fact, he's started a blog dedicated to getting Conservatives elected. Capitalizing Conservative was intentional.


The Conservative DVM 3:24 PM  

I am waiting for someone to start the "Conservative" Party. We could be the SLP (Spend Less Party), or LGP (Less Government Party), or LMAP (Leave me alone Party). Who is running against Harkin this year? What is Doug doing the next 6 years?

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