"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." ~ Benjamin Franklin

An Urget Message to Mitt Romney

>> Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear Mitt-

The "Stupid Tuesday" results are in I am scared. "Juan" McCain has collected delegates like the Jolie/Pitts collect kids.

If I may encourage you to take a big step and, first thing tomorrow, get candidate petitions out in every state so you can be on November's ballot as a "Conservative Party" candidate.

After you do that I urge you to have a very public pow-wow with Fred Thompson. Sign the man on- get his backing. Then find Duncan Hunter - put him in charge of your homeland security.

It's definately time for a relevant third party. Because, quite honestly, I don't think I can vote for McCain...


Anonymous 10:56 PM  

I'll be first in line to sign that petition! Romney's been my man all along. I don't like voting for McCain, either...but if the only alternative is Clinton or Obama...I'll reluctantly do so. Those other two scare me to death!

Jody 6:52 AM  

They all scare me. McCain is so "across the aisle" that it will be like having a democrat in office. I almost think we should just put a democrat in office because 2 years later we will be more likely to get a Republican congress.

Anonymous 9:43 PM  

May not be a bad idea....maybe 2 years of chaos would wake people up...

lila 5:52 AM  

Amen Jody,

The Republican party stands a good chance of fracturing if McCain is on the ballot.

If the party splits--we could have a viable 3rd party.
Probally wishful thinking but as it stands right now--I maybe writing in my canadate of choice.

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