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All Day... Every Day

>> Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I just don't think I need to say anything else...


Doug H 8:03 PM  

I need to teach Brenna how to throw.... :-)

Marie 9:16 PM  

They are just too cute together!!

Fantastagirl 10:57 PM  

The giggles are priceless! now if they could giggle while picking it up!

Anonymous 5:32 PM  

Well, that brings back memories...only I had boys. Hey Doug, I remember well my Dad taking me outside to learn to throw a ball...he did NOT want me throwing like a girl or running like one..I didn't appreciate that until I started playing softball and figured out what he was talking about :)

Doug H 7:57 AM  

I would like my girls to be able to climb trees and dance ballet...
throw a fastball and have tea parties...
spit and curtsy...
You get the idea.

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