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>> Monday, February 04, 2008

Caelan and I ventured into the grocery store today, list in hand. I had studied the sale items and, somewhat, created our menu areound those items.

I also picked up items we use but didn't necessarily need- like 5 packages of taco seasoning mix. They never go bad. And 3 bottles of laundry detergent (3 for $10- couldn't be passed up!). And Pepsi products were on sale so we have a month's supply of those. I even bought a different brand of toilet tissue because it was on sale. (I'm just hoping the savings is actually a savings and we don't need to use twice as much...)

My pantry is full, as is my freezer, so I am in hopes that the rest of the month's grocery shopping will be light.


Unknown 2:09 PM  

My pantry is full but the shopping still never seems to be light.

If we get hit with a tornado and seven winter storms my family and those within six houses in either direction of me will be well fed.

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