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Going Somewhere?

>> Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If you are- and if you are flying- you need to see my newest post over at Have Kid Will Travel. Just the other day United announced they would begin charging $25 to check a second bag on thier flights. This is a change as you used to be able to check two bags free. Prepare yourself by checking out my packing tips as experts predict other airlines will follow suit.

I also added another review of a mess-free-fun item. You can check out all the products I've reviewed here.


Anonymous 9:48 PM  

I bought tickets on Allegiant Air for my daughter-in-law and grandson at Thanksgiving...it was $11 per bag for checked luggage, no freebies..and, get this...$11 per person per leg for pre-assigned seating! Huh??? I didn't see any exception for kids. A phone call got me nowhere. I e-mailed them that I didn't think I should have to be paying to make sure a 4-year old was seated next to his mother. They agreed and I got it in writing that they would not seat him away from Mom. I made sure she had that with her for check-in. I think a lot of the airlines are going this direction.

Jody 6:41 AM  

With Allegiant I can see the seating fees- it's technically a charter airline. But, yes, a fee to make sure a child sits next to his mother is ridiculous.

Airlines are looking for any way to charge more. I think that's why governement bailouts are a bad thing. If people won't use you, you go under. Why bail out bad business? Let the market decide...

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