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Romantic New Orleans

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

When Doug proposed to me we were driving to Texas on business. At the time he was “unemployed” so he was doing installations for a product he helped develop. It was Doug’s birthday so we stopped at one of his favorite restaurants where he proposed. Even Doug will admit it wasn’t very romantic.

As far as weddings go I’m pretty, well, abnormal. I didn’t want the big white dress or a church full of people. What I did want was something personal and private. As I looked at our upcoming travel schedule I saw that we would be in New Orleans about 2 months after the proposal. I really thought it would be great fun to elope and get married there.

Unfortunately trying to plan a “simple” destination wedding is difficult and expensive and our funds were pretty low. So, instead, we had a simple wedding close to home and decided to enjoy ourselves while in the “Big Easy”.

I spent a lot of time researching things to do in New Orleans. I spent quite a bit of time perusing the offerings from Trusted Tours & Attractions. In the end we decided that their dinner and Jazz Cruise would be the perfect way to celebrate. The setting was elegant. If you’ve never done a steamboat cruise I highly recommend it. There is really nothing more romantic than standing on the deck of a classic steamboat, listening to great jazz and watching the city slip by. It was a wonderful evening.

If you head down to New Orleans let Trusted Tours & Attractions give you some vacation ideas. And while you're on their website sign up for their newsletter, you could win a free digital camera. You know... to remember all those romantic moments.


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