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>> Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt Romney dropped out of the Republican presidental race today. This will, essentially, leave the Republicans with a McCain/Huckabee ticket. Or, in essence, a liberal ticket with it's only strength (in my mind) being it's support for fighting the Iraq war effectively.

It is definately not a conservative ticket as both men are for amnesty (look at their past, not what they are saying now. McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill & Huckabee 's Arkansas was a sanctuary state). McCain has one of the most expensive "global warming" programs- which, according to the experts, will make very little impact. Huckabee is for a nationalized health care plan.

I am changing my party affiliation today (if you are in Iowa the voter registration form is here. Other states just Google "voter regsitration form (state)"). I am now an Independent- which I was before Doug ran for office. Have to be a member of a party to vote in primaries.

Since it doesn't look like Mitt is going to follow my advice I am now placed in a very difficult spot.

George W Bush really left conservative values behind in the past few years and began to splinter the party. I know that I prefer to be called a Conservative now, and not a Republican. McCain is not my choice, nor do I think he is the choice of most conservatives. The NY Post said it best with this quote:

McCain has won crucial primaries mostly with support from liberal-to-moderate
Republicans and independents - but just a sliver of conservatives.

So, do I not vote because I don't think I really have a choice? I've never not voted...

Or do I vote for the Democratic nominee because, after two years of a Democratic White House & Congress the nation will be clamoring for conservative values and we can get a conservative Congress...

Because I can't vote McCain. I just think that having him in office will guarantee 4 years of a Democratic Congress PLUS a Democratic President in 2012. Not to mention a definative end to the party of Lincoln and Reagan.


mama2dibs 1:00 PM  

I'm impressed...you are fast on getting the news. Anyway, I'm sorry as another of your candidates has bowed out. I was totally for Thompson. Just pray for God to lead you what you need to do in the face of these elections. Also, know that we are nearing end times (one world currency on its way?) and it sure ain't gonna be getting any better anytime soon...unfortunately.

Anonymous 1:10 PM  

A lot of your questions ... are my questions. I'm watching Fox News right now, as I have been for over an hour and have been contemplating what I'm going to do now.

It's something that will take some thought on my part. I will try not to act hastily and in the moment, because honestly, I'm not very happy right now ... and I'm sure because I'm a bit angry, I'm not thinking as clearly as I might in a day or two. LOL!

Dang it!

I so wished that Huckabee would be the one to drop out. I was hanging on to the little hope we had.

Tamara B 4:52 PM  

how 'bout voting Dem. That way when things go to hell in a hand basket, at least its not a republican to blame :)

Anonymous 10:03 PM  

I had the samw reaction when I heard the news. When I heard his explanation about doing it because he cared about America and not wanting to split the vote I just figured I was right all along that he is the only one that would follow his convictions. I can't make up my mind who to be angry at....Huckabee, who should have had the sense and the decency to call it a day or the idiots in this country that follow the tide like a bunch of sheep. In this state and my previous one, we don't declare parties so I don't have to decide about changing party registration. As I said last night, I think I probably have to vote for McCain...I just can't stomach the mess Hillary or Barack would make...

Fantastagirl 10:33 PM  

The choice you are going to have to make is who is going to make the least amount of a mess - and vote for that person. I don't know that I could vote for Hillary or Barack. I don't trust them. Then again - I don't trust ANY of them.

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