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A Great Hotel Resource

>> Monday, February 11, 2008

I do a lot of research before we go anywhere. It doesn’t really matter if we are going across the state, across the continent or across the world. I want to make sure the important stuff (where we stay, what we drive and how we travel) goes off without a hitch. Adventure is fun when it comes to exploring new surroundings; not when it comes to showering with low water pressure.

When I was making decisions for Ireland one of our biggest was whether we would stay in B&Bs or hotels. We were torn on this as we love B&Bs but we planned to stay more than one night at each location and sometimes hotels are better for that type of travel.

In my research I found a new hotel booking site called TripTake.com. They deal only in hotels and use traveler photos and reviews. You can choose hotels based on popularity, rates, descriptions and “real” photos.

Let’s say you’re planning a vacation in Italy. Should you choose from hotels in Milan or Hotels in Florence? With TripTake you can compare hotels and user reviews to see which city best suits your personality.

Or maybe you need to pick between Rome Hotels or Venice Italy Hotels. Who are you more likely to trust: a travel agent who probably hasn't been there or a traveler, like you, who has?

Go ahead and add TripTake.com to your travel bookmarks and use it before your next get-away. It's a great resource.


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