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Yuck. Just... Yuck.

>> Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yet another round of "winter weather" has upset my plans.

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning in effect from 9 am
this morning to midnight tonight....
Total snowfall of 4 to 8 inches is
expected by this evening.

A northwest wind will increase this morning
and continue through the evening hours. Expect sustained speeds of 25 to 35 mph,
with gusts around 50 mph at times. This will create significant blowing and
drifting snow, with whiteout conditions at times, especially in open areas.

A blizzard warning means severe winter weather conditions are expected
or occurring. Falling and blowing snow with strong winds and poor visibilities
are likely. This will lead to whiteout conditions, making travel extremely
dangerous. Do not travel. If you must, have a winter survival kit with you. If
you get stranded, stay with your vehicle.
But that's not all...

In addition, the combination of ice on power lines and the high winds could
cause power outages.
You wish you were here right now, don'tcha?

I was supposed to get a haircut today. Nope, not leaving the house. No way, no how.

On the agenda? Laundry... A late lunch... Hopefully some scrapbooking.

And later... A nice hot bubble bath. Oh, yeah, that will make the day worthwhile.


Anonymous 1:01 PM  

It sucks!

Our lights keep flickering and Molly is still sick and throwing up. I'm just praying the power stays on ... for her sake, of course!

Anonymous 1:29 PM  

I drove to church this morning only because I'm a Sunday School teacher. The roads were bad. Lots of slush and ice. It's best to stay in. We aren't planning on leaving the house again today. I love snow, but this is getting ridiculous now. It snows every other day. Jeez. Stay safe.

Fantastagirl 2:30 PM  

I'm really ready for summer.

patty 7:01 PM  

Stay safe and warm!!! Thinking of you all. We have tornado warnings here tonight until 8, last I heard.

Melody 9:25 PM  

Oh I am sooo sick of the snow and to top it all off my kids don't have school again tomorrow. They are definitely going to be going until the middle of June.

Jennifer 7:25 AM  

Urgh.. here too Jodi... I keep wishing for spring

Jill 10:20 AM  

I was telling someone the other day that it doesn't stay cold her in Georgia long enough for my liking. We get maybe 2 weeks of 30's and 40's. Then I get email from my mom nearly every weekend about the bad blizzards and I think I don't have it so bad. Stay warm and be safe!

The Fritz Facts 11:15 AM  

yuck is right. More snow, as if you haven't had enough in the past few weeks. Hope your power stays on!!

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