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Savings From A to Z

>> Thursday, February 14, 2008

With my new budget I am always on the lookout for savings. I recently found a website that has discount online coupons for stores from Art.com and Boden to Walmart and Zappos. Or, everything I could need.

For instance, it is time for my annual eye exam. Which definitely means new contacts. And it will soon be time for new bras. Do you remember how much those cost me? Savings is always welcome.

What else… Oh, yes, silp on tennies for me and new boots for Doug are on our “need for spring” list.

And my PSC no longer has it's "P&C" abilities. I keep it because it still scans and Doug set up my computer to accept the network printer but I really miss the copy feature.

And those are only a few of the things we need. I won't even go into daily necessities. Yep, every bit of savings helps...


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