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The Perfect Place for Period Costume Fabric

>> Thursday, February 07, 2008

It’s no secret that Doug & I enjoy “dressing the part” when we go to renaissance festivals. But dressing the part can be very expensive. It’s a good thing I enjoy making our costumes.

We’ve had the same costumes for a few years now and I am thinking this is the year for us to have new duds. I think I have found the patterns, now I just need to find the perfect fabric. Which can be difficult as many local fabric stores just don’t carry fabric that can actually look good as an Elizabethan gown until sometime around Halloween.

I was perusing DesignDivaFabrics.com last night in search of the perfect dress fabric- and I think I found it: Zimmer & Rhode Grandiose Medallion Cut-Velvet Epingle. Usually over $359 a yard it is now $112 a yard. Quite a savings.

DesignDivaFabrics.com has discount Kravet fabric, velvet, faux fur, and brocades for upholstery, drapery and costume design. Definitely a source to check out if you must have the perfect fabric.


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