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Useless Trivia

>> Friday, February 08, 2008

Since we just "celebrated" Groundhog Day I found this bit of triva from Our Iowa Magazine interesting:

Weather lore surrounding Groundhog Day began in southern France according to ISU Extention Climatologist Elwinn Taylor.

Arctic high pressure systems dominate winter there and Arctic highs bring clear skies. So if winter is holding firm the groundhog will see his shadow.

In spring the winds shift to the south and bring in ocean moisture and cloudy skies. If the sky is cloudy the groundhog won't see his shadow- showing the wind has shifted to it's summer pattern.

"In France the groundhog is right 85% of the time," says Elwynn. "The tradition just doesn't work as well in this country."


Fantastagirl 6:56 PM  

Got that magazine at work today - pretty interesting.

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