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Shameless Self Promotion

>> Monday, February 18, 2008

So I’m trying to decide what to take over to the B&B owners that we will be lodging with. I like to take a little bit of Iowa as a “thank you”. Nothing big as I don’t want to lug it along but something unique.

As I thought more about it I realized that, besides having a lovely holiday, I will also be working as everything will be going in to my travel website. Photos, stories, information, everything. I’ll be speaking with a lot of people, dropping lots of my little business cards. Which then got me thinking about Promotional Items.

What would I give away to promote my website about traveling with kids? A spill-proof snack dish or a spill proof sippy cup? Packs of bandages or a little first aid kit? Or maybe a TSA approved travel set with bottles?

So many ideas… So many big plans…

But back to my current dilemma… What says “Iowa” to you? And fits easily in a small part of my suitcase?


Anonymous 10:34 PM  

Right now? Snow. You could put it in a small jar or a baggie. ;)

Jody 6:43 AM  

Ah,very funny, True, but funny.

Fantastagirl 8:42 AM  

How about a local cookbook?

When I was younger, we hosted a man from the Ukraine. He brought a bottle of Vodka (from his hometown) for my dad, and his wife sent a cookbook for my mom (my sister can speak and read the language so she has the book now). Each one of the girls got Matryoshka Nesting Dolls, and my brothers got a little toy (I don't remember what it was.)

Tamara B 9:26 AM  

how 'bout some seed corn, some blue bunny ice-cream (or something that won't melt), hmm, I'll have to think more on this one.

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