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Help for Women With Addictions

>> Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It’s coming up on a year since E died. It’s difficult for me to believe it has been that long. It’s more difficult for me to believe she is gone.

As is the way with drug addicts, she pulled away from those who would try to help and spent more and more time with those struggling with addiction. She spent time in drug rehab centers, only to be clean for a while and then fall back into the self-destruction.

Not long before her death her husband was searching for another drug treatment program to enroll her into. I know that by that time E felt hopeless, that there was no help for the demon that controlled her.

Everyone has different stories for how they became involved with drugs and everyone has different treatments that work for kicking their addiction. Recently I learned of a drug center for women in Florida. The Orchid aims to heal both body and mind and is catered specifically towards women.

It’s a unique approach; one that is long overdue. Women operate on emotion, and often emotion is at the base of drug and alcohol abuse.

If a lovedone of yours is in need of an alcohol treatment center for women
I urge you to look into the Orchid. Compared to other private treatment centers they are extremely affordable.

Don't give up. You don;t want to live with regret- as I do every day.


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