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Not So Graceful

>> Thursday, February 07, 2008

I’m still fighting the effects of aging on my skin.

Unfortunately I don’t mean wrinkles. Wrinkles I could handle. A little Botox, a couple of peels… But I am fighting adult acne. Is it truly acne if it only attacks the right side of your face along the jaw line?

Whatever it’s called, it is hideous. I have awful, sore cysts that are swollen and red. U G L Y. I’ve cut down my dairy intake- which sucks as all the experts say that eating dairy can help you lose weight- to see if it will make a difference. So far- no. I’ve also started seeing an esthetician every 3 weeks or so for a microdermabrasion and peel. And, of course, I’m zapping the nasty little buggas with my Zeno.

All the facial skin care treatments aren't cheap,so I look for savings where I can find them. SkinDimensionsOnline has the same stuff my esthetician sells (and my Zeno refills that Target is always out of) at a savings to me- and free ground shipping.

I may not be able to stop aging, but I'm darn well gonna fight it. And try to save some money in the process.


thisbearbites 10:08 PM  

I recommend using neosporin to heal the angry parts. And going to www.soapourri.com. I started using the loaf soaps, doesn't matter what scent, in December. Out of desperation, used it on my face as well. My complexion has never been better in my entire life! I have used some of the best top dollar stuff out there. I'll never go back.

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