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Heirlooms Are the Best Gifts

>> Thursday, February 14, 2008

I don’t like dusting. I don’t know why it bothers me so much more than all the other cleaning, but it does. Because I don’t like to dust we have very few knick-knacks sitting around.

There is one item that I don’t mind dusting, though. My grandmother gave it to Doug & I when we got married. It’s an antique mantle clock. If I am remembering correctly, it was given to my grandparents when they got married. I think my great-grandparents owned it before that. I really must get the story from my grandmother and write it down!

Here is a photo of my lovely clock:

I feel very blessed that my grandmother chose to give me this clock as she has 17 grandchildren.

It does make me think… I will surely want to pass it on and I love the idea of giving an heirloom like mantle clocks as a wedding gift.

1-800-4clocks.com has a beautiful selection of clocks to choose from, many in the antique styles that I love. The Howard Miller clocks are especially beautiful and I can see them becoming an instant heirloom. So maybe it wouldn’t matter if one clock was new?

As I was wandering through the website I saw that 1-800-4Clocks.com is planning to offer a Custom web clock. This is really interesting because, instead of the “plain” they will be offering Grandfather clocks, mantle clocks and other “real” looking timepieces. Beautiful and functional. Just what a clock should be.


Anonymous 4:00 PM  

Sorry Jody, your rememberer must be broken, The clock did belong to your great-grandmother Feeback but I am not sure where she got it. Doesn't really matter as it is still a family heirloom. I am glad you like it. As for the dusting thing I think I know where you got your dislike of it. But I still love all my knick knacks.

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