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Because You Try to Relax When You Can

>> Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well, the muffins are bread are cooling. Caelan and Brenna have had lunch. Caelan is in bed and Brenna is watching Backyardigans.

And me… Well, I need to take a shower. Our shower is very tall with a “rain” shower head. Which is great for Doug- he’s 6’. Me, I’m not quite 5’5”. Every time I shower I daydream about Shower Cubicles. I sooo want a HydroShower. Oh, just the idea of all those massaging shower jets working out the stress in my neck and shoulders. Warm water gently relaxing me. Mmmmm….

I found great savings on bathroom accessories at Trueshopping (the savings are still really nice even after you figure the currency exchange).

Ummm, Doug, what were we planning to use our tax refund on?


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