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And Off It Goes

>> Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well, I shipped our box of goodies to Ireland today. It cost me close to $90... But the hassle it will save is so worth it.

My plan is to fit everything we need for 9 days into one large suitcase (which will also hold Brenna's booster seat), two 24" pullmans (that's carry on size), two 19" carry ons, Brenna's backpack and Caelan's (very small) backpack.

Yes, I can do it. Space Bags are wonderful things...

Wanna see what I shipped? Visit this post over at the HKWT Blog.


Tamara B 5:00 PM  

so i was reading hubby's blog today and saw that your hubby had commented on it. that was fun to see.

still cold here. think you can pack me in your suitcase too?

Fantastagirl 9:11 PM  

You are so organized! But you have to be when traveling with kids - love the idea of sending items ahead of time.

Unknown 9:26 PM  

I am just way jealous that you are getting to go to Ireland! ;) I spent a long weekend in Dublin the last year we lived in the UK, but wish I would have spent more.

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