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A Couple of Pages

>> Monday, February 04, 2008

I spent yesterday scrapping. I needed the time away from the girls- and Doug. I was able to get quite a few pages done. Here are a couple:

On this page I wanted to use a couple of colors from Brenna's dress. I chose the purple for the background. I used a green paint to "dry brush" over a reuseable floral stencil (I love this! If I can find more they will definately show up in a bribing!) and to add texture to the rest of the page. I used a coordinating ribbon up one side and a "First Day of School" clear sticker. For just a bit more pop I added the sparkly chipboard flowers. The '07-'08 were cut with my Wishblade.

This page I really like. Using the ballet slippers on Brenna's dress as inspiration I "laced"the sides of the page. The floral at the top was actually a 12x12 die cut paper (something else you will probably see in an upcoming giveaway) that I trimmed. I brushed an ink pad over it just to give it a tinge of color and used my Xyron 510 sticker maker to stick it down.
Yes, I know the ribbons are a bit off. Yes, I realize I should have marked the spots,put down the glue dots and then attached the ribbon. No, I don't always think of these things ahead of time. Learn from me...


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