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Work the Plan Until the Plan Works

>> Monday, June 02, 2008

We begin our first Financial Peace University class this Wednesday. Doug just finished Total Money Make Over and I’ve been working Dave’s plan.

There is a part of the plan that we have a bit of a snag with, though. It’s those darn credit cards. We don’t want to have them, but the fact is that we do. And so we want to make sure we have the lowest rates and the best deals on them we can get until we can get rid of them. So I’ve been checking credit card reviews to see if we should make some changes to get the interest rates lowered or if we’ve got the best deal where we’re at.

At CreditCardsClub.com I can search specifically for cards with low interest and no annual fees. The cash back and rewards don’t entice me because if I keep more of my own money I don’t need their “bonuses”. Just let me keep my money and get you out of my pocket- that’s the goal.

For credit card reviews and articles check out CreditCardsClub.com.


Anonymous 8:14 PM  

I haven't paid full interest rate now for 2 years. Everytime I go to the regular rate, I call and tell my card company if they don't extend the introductory rate, I am changing to a card with zero interest. I pay 2% right now and before that, I paid 1.9 for over a year.

It pays to make noise, especially if you are a good customer.

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