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Plans... All Down the Tubes

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I had big plans to share the new Minnesota Zoo Grizzly Coast over at the travel blog today. But the fact that my computer couldn't start just a few minutes ago has forced me to rethink that plan.

Now I am going to make sure all my photos and videos are transferred to the hard drive or CDs for safe keeping.

Grrr.... I really, really don't like Vista. (No, I don't know what, exactly, caused the problem. But I'm sure it's Vista related. Even if it isn't directly Vista related I'm staill blaming Vista.)


Anonymous 11:29 PM  

Egads, I just went through that as I had the Blue Screen of Death on my laptop. Picked up a nice little Sony notebook as a replacement...so far I'm not minding Vista. The old one is still running as long as I don't overtask it, so it's now dedicated to my Wishblade :)

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