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Here's Something You Haven't See in a While

>> Thursday, June 19, 2008

2008-06-19 019

That, my combustion engine loving friends, is what I paid today for a full tank of gas in my SUV. Truly.

Of course I had to wait in line to do it...

2008-06-19 011

Unlike a gas line of the 70s (oh how the environmentalists want to see those again) people were happy to wait. E85 (85% ethanol) was $1.85 a gallon and regular (10% ethanol) was $2.50. Who wouldn't wait for that???

My wait wasn't too bad, though... I was close to the front. We were only there for about 25 minutes.

Of course a cheap gas event draws a lot of people. There were plenty of police on hand to manage the traffic.

This lucky guy got to point people to the back of the line. All the way back. After a while I don't think he could actually see it...

2008-06-19 013

Here's a bit more evidence of the police presence...
2008-06-19 017

The deputies were actually standing at the pumps. As were people to pump your gas, run your money and swipe your card. It was all about volume and traffic. The event was incredibly well organized, though. They even "tagged" your car if you were getting E85. Don't worry, it was a magnet. (Now it's a frisbee that can stick to the fridge.)

2008-06-19 012

We were prepared. The girls had snacks and sippies. And "CARS" was in the DVD player. (Yes, it was fitting as this whole thing was a promotion for the Iowa Corn Indy 250. Yes, it's a real event.) And while you waited there was Edgar, the "E" Man, to entertain the kiddos. (And if you visit their Flickr slideshow you will see me in photos 56 (our truck being visited by Edgar), 62 & 63 (I got a high-five for using E85).

2008-06-19 016

Caelan was less than thrilled when he visited our truck.

2008-06-19 015

Like I said, the event was very well organized and the line moved quickly. With one way in and one way out

2008-06-19 018

there weren't too many traffic problems. Well, except for people who had to back in to their pump and almost hit others. I'm not saying that happened to me, but I'm not not saying it, either. The gal who pumped our gas was incredibly kind and talked to the girls while the nearly empty tank was filled. For $31.01.

Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything...


The Fritz Facts 6:51 AM  

Luck you!! And they made it a fun event.
I just don't know if I can be your friend...I just spent $40 and got HALF A TANK. In my van non the less. Blah. I hate gas prices.

Sally 9:51 AM  

Oh, i'm jealous. It kills me to pay $70 to fill up my car...insane!! It has made me actually contemplate driving the speed limit or SLOWER just to say a buck or two...and it works!

Jill 10:26 AM  

Wow- do you have to have something special on your car to accept that kind of fuel? I'm guessing not with the large turnout.

Anonymous 3:38 PM  

My question is more along the lines of... how will your motor hold up with ethanol? Most of our cars were made to burn unleaded... no ethanol, so I'm just curious if they expect there will be long term wear effects???

Jennifer 10:17 AM  


Unknown 4:39 PM  

I miss my E85 Taurus--even though we had to drive far out of our way to find pumps.

I hope all those ppl weren't idling in line.

Jody 9:04 PM  

Jessica- yes, all were idling. But the line was moving quite quickly and, honestly, it would have burned more fuel to turn off and restart your car every couple of minutes to move ahead 20 feet, turn it off & do it all over again.

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