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So Civilized

>> Friday, June 27, 2008

For Mother's Day I got a great silver plated tea strainer from Caelan. I absolutely loved it (it was on my Amazon Wish List, after all. The only problem was finding loose leaf tea. The grocery stores I shopped at used to carry it but stopped; as did World Market. I had heard of a tea shop in downtown Des Moines but, honestly, I don't venture into downtown.

So you can imagine how wxcited I was when our newest mall got a Teavana! Of course they have a wall of teas that I will never try as I am boring and just prefer a nice cup o' Irish Breakfast of a morning (and I don't really take to all their mystical tea drinking voodoo). They did talk me in to a much more expensive type to try, Assum Gold Rain, a single large leaf black tea that is one of the components of the Irish Breakfast.

So now I am able to enjoy a civilized cup of tea in my wonderful little tea set with my leftover Spinach Quiche from last night's dinner.

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Amy Poindexter 11:03 PM  

I'm a major tea connoisseur -- particularly green teas and white teas. I always order loose-leaf tea online. I'm particularly fond of Rishi's Organic Single Needle Jasmine White Tea; I order it on Amazon, but there are lots of other places that sell good tea too. I am expecting a box in the next day or two from Amazon, and it's the pearled leaves.

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