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Who Are You? I Really Wanna Know...

>> Wednesday, June 04, 2008

OK, the title may be a blast from the past but, seriously, can you even tell sometimes? And are you allowed to? Have we become so PC that coed bathrooms and locker rooms are considered normal and necesary?

I may be a fear monger but what is to stop a man from dressing as a woman to gain access to ladies rooms and harming a woman, or, God forbid, a young girl? Do you really think that someone sick enough to rape a woman wouldn't stoop to wearing women's clothing?

Or how about the man who is pregnant? Of course he isn't really a man... He's a woman who was born in the wrong body... He always knew he was a man. But he kept his uterus so he could have a child. Doesn't having a uterus make you a woman? Isn't that the difference? I, quite honestly, feel sorry for the child. I pray her life would be normal- but how can it be? When your parents draw so much- seem to relish, infact- the media attention, how can your life not be lived under a microscope?

I see these headlines and wonder just how far these type of things will go before our country collapses upon itself or, possibly worse, splits and wars break out. Then again all the people who believe in guns and war will be on one side and the peace activists and anti-gun owners will be on the other so I suppose it would be a short fight...


Jennifer 6:35 AM  

Crazy eh?

It makes me sick to think that our goverenment is pushing to pass the idea that our health care will pay for a sex change yet stopped paying for our eye exams!

I think they need their heads examined.

Tamara B 9:11 AM  

i love the comment about the short fight :)

Jody 2:38 PM  

Jennifer- Ah, yes, taking care of the masses are they? Sorry, I don’t mean to joke. I just don’t think people in the US really understand how much government health care is going to cost them- first with taxes then above & beyond to actually care for themselves.

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