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The Last Bit of Ireland... And Now We're Off to Russia!

>> Friday, June 06, 2008

I just finished writing the last bit of our Irish holiday: Doolin and the Burren. It certainly took me forever to get to the last few days. I always hate having to end my Ireland series and tend to put it off. But because we are leaving for our next adventure I had to get it wrapped up.

"And what is up with this Russia thing?" you are thinking, "And why hasn't she mentioned it? Not even once..."

Well, you know how some things just sort of pop up and happen really quickly? That's kind of how this came about. One of my very best girlfriends is a "nature" sculptor. She sculpts rocks and trees and stuff for zoos and wildlife habitats. You can see her work in the Bronx Zoo, Disneyworld, and the Netherlands to name just a few places... And now Russia's Grizzly Coast. She invited us as her special guests to the preview before the official opening. We are all very excited.

And I still have much to do before we leave at noon. I should get on it...


The Fritz Facts 9:45 PM  

There is such excitment about Grizzly Coast. We are going in a couple weeks, and can't wait!

Jennifer 9:08 AM  

What fun!!

Tamara B 9:46 AM  

That's pretty sweet. We were up at that zoo a few years ago for Memorial Day. It was hot and muggy. I hope you guys enjoy your trip!

lila 11:23 AM  

What fun!
Hey Jody--just wanted to let you know I started a new blog called "The Dells".
It is totally about the Dells and nothing else.
Check it out and remember its still a work in progress.

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