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Can This Be?

>> Monday, June 16, 2008

Not only is the sun shining.... It's supposed to shine for the NEXT 4 DAYS! We haven't had 4 sunny days IN A ROW since... Well... Since.... Ummm... February?

It's 7:51 am and my girls are still in bed. Very rarely do they sleep past 7:15. It's kind of nice to enjoy my tea and Bagelful without anyone begging for bites. (I like the cinnamon, the girls prefer the "pink" (strawberry).)

Big plans for today... Hmmm, well, I need to grocery shop. Which is no easy thing. I have to check the weather for each day, decide if we will eat at home or in a park, figure out what I have on hand, check the grocery sales circular, cross reference recipes (remembering that 2 meals per week are meatless), make my list, check for any coupons that may be expiring soon, finalize my list, print my list, load up the girls, the reuseable bags and any empty milk bottles that need returned and go. Then there is the actual shopping. Luckily the bakery gives out cookies to good little girls so they are occupied for a minute or two.

Ahhh, 8am and I hear little voices. Happy little voices. Yea!


The Fritz Facts 9:50 AM  

Ahhhh...so my no rain dance worked for you all....lovely. lol

Such a busy day. Hope it goes smoothly!

Jill 12:41 PM  

Glad to hear there is sun and no rain. Wondering how you are holding up with all the flooding in Iowa. Hope all is well with you guys.

Melody 3:27 PM  

Oh, I love the no more rain. :) Well, until Friday. We went to the pool for a little while this afternoon and it was wonderful. I am hoping hubby can get a jump start on painting our front porch tonight. I need to go grocery shopping too but I have to work this evening so it will probably be tomorrow.

Also, I love that milk especially in the glass bottle but my hubby doesn't. He is an AE guy.

Good luck with your grocery shopping today.

Tamara B 1:20 PM  

I'm curious about the milk you buy. Where do you get it at? I'd love to know more.

Doug H 12:01 PM  

It's from Heartland Dairy and purchased at HyVee.

The dairy's website
Video of the milking carousel
The cool thing is that it is run as a recovery center

So, drink good milk and help men find the right path....

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