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It's... Brown...

>> Monday, June 02, 2008

So... I took my cousin to get the tropical Hello Kitty the day it was released. I fully expected a bit of jumping about, maybe a tiny squeal of excitement.

What I didn't expect was "It's... brown..."

"She's not brown," I explained,"She's tan."

To avoid future explanations my cousin chose to dress her in the Hello Kitty Hawaii t and skirt- it has a picture of HK with her new tan.

When we got home she realized the flower was attached with velcro and I got to hear the delighted squeal. My cousin is now trying to figure out how to get other people to buy her HK new clothes...


Anonymous 12:46 AM  

I'd definitely say that's "tan", not "brown"...Did she get the hula skirt and coconut bra??? That's a must!

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