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Way Too Much Time in the Bathroom

>> Friday, June 20, 2008

I was in a restaurant bathroom not that long ago… I think we were in Minnesota, now that I think of it… And, in that bathroom was a flat screen monitor. And across that monitor scrolled news, weather and ads.

And I leaned back against the wall and watched it, for heaven’s sakes!

I am a person who reads everything. Those back of the door ads in restrooms- yep, even if I’ve read them before. Cereal boxes while I eat breakfast. The freakin’ Happy Meal box while the girls and I have lunch on Wednesdays. So this digital business signage kept me glued to it. There was no “ok, I’ve read it, I’m done” as it changed every minute or so. I was stuck. In a bathroom. Sad, I know. But it worked.

And you can do more with these signs than just keep people in a bathroom. A restaurant could use it as a menu board; a spa could use it to detail services; an office could use it to keep employees “up to date” with news both in and outside the office. I'll have to admit that I was so intrigued with this kind of business signage that I actually visited the website for SmarterSign (http://www.smartersign.com/) to learn more. It's just that cool! It's completely web based, easy to update and control, has live data feeds and you can load video and photos. Really, you can do almost anything you want to with this.

The endless possibilities make my mind spin. I think my chiropractor could really use something like this in his new office…


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