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We're Like An Old Married Couple

>> Friday, June 13, 2008

Doug and I seem like an old married couple. When people find out we haven’t even reached our 5 year anniversary and are still in the “honeymoon” phase of our lives they are surprised. I suppose it’s because we “fit” so well. We both knew who we were when we got married so we didn’t have to worry about “finding ourselves” while we worked on building a good marriage.

It took a long time (and bad relationships for both of us) to find each other. I even tried internet dating for a short time. This was when it was new and there weren’t as many sites to meet gorgeous single men or women. Or in my case a decent man with a job and no baggage.

Now there are so many sites… How do people choose?

I actually have bloggy friends (quite a few) who met their spouses on eHarmony. Because it is a site for people who are serious about long term relationships you don’t get the creepy “hook up” people.

Perfect Match is another site I have heard success stories from. The focus here seems to be toward career oriented people who want to meet someone with similar drive and interests.

Match.com is really widely known and probably has the biggest name recognition of any matchmaking site out there.

PrimeDatingSites.com has reviews of these sites and many more. If you’re looking for your perfect partner the internet is more accepted and viable an option than ever. It’s worth a try.


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