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>> Thursday, June 12, 2008

You know how you sit down at the computer with plans to get something done and then you get sidetracked? Yeah, it happens to me a lot. Which is how I ended up on a website about Brazilian sugar.

Now, I like sugar. I like the powdered stuff lightly dusted on my pancakes, I like the small crystals for baking, I like the Raw Sugar sprinkled on top of muffins. It’s sugar- what’s not to like?

A few facts about Brazilian sugar- just in case it comes up:
Brazil is the largest sugar producing nation in the world.
Sugar Cane is harvested from May to November.
Brazil created ethanol from sugar (about half of their sugar production is held back for ethanol.)
The United States is Brazil’s top trade partner, importing almost 20% of it’s exported sugar crop.

Consider yourself ready for the Brazilian sugar questions in Trivial Pursuit.


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