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Here We Go Again

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look at all the nastiness coming our way. The predictor (from our local CBS station, KCCI) is showing heavy rain. Just what we don't need in Iowa- or any of the Midwest.

The floods of '93 taught us a lot here in Des Moines and we were well prepared in case it should happen again. The reservoir at Saylorville Lake was fitted with an amazing wall that was put up to allow Des Moines time to prepare for the water that would have to come. Last night the Army Corps of Engineers began lowering the walls and letting the water through (you can see a great slide show here).

They say the water from the reservoir will hit Des Moines about 10am. Here is what the downtown bridges looked like before the water arrived (photo by JOHN GAPS III / THE REGISTER) .

Of course it isn't 10am yet, but I'm guessing those bridges won't be visible in a couple of hours. They have been closed and sandbagged and any businesses and homes along the river have been vacated.

With another two days of predicted rain on the way they could be displaced for a while.


Melody 9:28 AM  

I thought it wasn't supposed to start raining again until this afternoon but no, once again it is raining. I am just soooo tired of this. :)

Sally 11:38 AM  

The weather this year is insane! I hope it calms down soon. Stay safe.

We're supposed to drive to Indiana on Sunday...I hope we can make it!

Anonymous 8:14 PM  

I work just south of downtown Des Moines right by Gray's Lake (and the Raccoon River). Today, about 60 employees spent time sandbagging the building. There are only 2 doors to the building that may be entered/exited without hindrance. About 3 PM, techies came around to make sure there were no PC's sitting on the floor and we were told to elevate anything that we didn't want to get wet. This is strictly precaution, as they don't think the water can get as far as the building. We'll see! I didn't work there in '93...and water DID get into the building then.

lila 10:42 AM  

Are you high and dry Jody? I am literally stuck at home. So many roads washed out or closed due to standing water. Even part of the interstate is closed off.

Baraboo flooded--thats where us locals shop and where my church is.
Portage is totally under water--these are all small towns that surround the Dells.

We are now on alert as the wisconsin river rises and rises and our dam is being watched.
Rain for 3 more days!

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