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Same Parents, Same Techniques, Yet Totally Different

>> Tuesday, June 03, 2008

There are days that it really jumps out at me just how different my girls are. I don't usually notice it as it's just the three of us going about in our own little bubble but days when we are interacting with other people, new people, the difference in my girls is striking.

Like today... The first day of gymnastics. I was able to get overlapping classes for the girls. Brenna's class began at 9am. Miss Amy introduced herself to Brenna and her classmate and off she went without a backward glance.

Caelan and I went up to the waiting area that overlooks the gym while we waited until it was time for Caelan's class. All the while Caelan was talkative and couldn't wait to get into the gym herself to play on the obstacle course and bounce on the trampolines.

Couldn't wait... Until it was time for her class. Then I could barely get her to let go of my leg. She didn't want to climb or bounce or play in the foam pit. And there was no way I was getting too far from her.

Brenna was having a great time. In fact her teacher asked if Brenna had taken any gymnastics before (no) and said that she was doing great, had great coordination and wonderful balance (well, thank you).

Brenna has always been fearless (maybe too much so) and Caelan has been more of the type to hang back. Brenna doesn't know a stranger and people Caelan has known since birth (sorry, Aunt Jen!) are still strangers to her sometimes. Brenna loves to have everyone's attention and Caelan just really wants Mommy's.

It's funny, really, how they can be so alike at times and so very different at others.


The Fritz Facts 4:31 PM  

It is fun to step back and look at what the kids have become. And don't forget it will change so much soon!!

Unknown 8:17 PM  

My kids too are polar opposites. From the color of their eyes to their mannerisms and attitudes...amazing they came from the same place.

Fantastagirl 9:09 PM  

You just describe Pan & Tink - only Tink (younger) is the one who doesn't know a stranger, and Pan - he'd rather hang out with dad.

Jennifer 11:19 PM  

My youngest is the fearless one, and the oldest is the shy one. Funny how that works eh?

Anonymous 12:39 AM  

My 2 boys were (are) very different, too. You'd never guess they are brothers!

sue 9:07 AM  

I have four kids (now all grown) and I always thought that out of four kids I'd have at least two that would be alike. No. It was amazing how different they could be!

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